elite athletes

Elite Sports & Fitness is a fast paced environment packed with youth and college athletes. Customized 90-day program for your athlete’s specific sport and age appropriate training.  All athletes need strength training, plyometric training, and speed & agility training to increase performance. Combined with the correct nutrition our programs are guaranteed to significantly improve your performance.

Team Training

ESF offers team training on and off site. If you are looking to take your team to the next level with complete training programs designed specially for your teams needs we can accommodate those needs either in our facility or yours. The team training rate are fair and training is UNMATCHED anywhere else. See program components for a look into what we offer in our programs. 

Lifting Days (M,W,F)

  • Warm –up
  • Passive Stretch
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Balance/Functional Training
  • Injury Prevention
  • Core Training
  • Functional Flexibility
  • Plyometric (vertical jump)/Explosive Training/Impulse Training
  • Conditioning
  • Post Stretch

(Each cycle is designed and adapted weekly to meet individual athletes)

Speed and Agility

  • Speed Warm-up
  • Stretch
  • Speed Drills
  • Agility Drills
  • Post Workout Stretch